Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Events Right Around the Corner

Wanting to let you know about some of the events that are right around the corner. 

The first will be the Hot Coco Social. December 6 in SUBO in the game room. In essences you get hot chocolate (yes its free) and good company (yes other Brooklyn College students).

Second well be the Holiday Feast Dinner. This means yes more free food, however so much more. There will be entertainment from fellow residents of RezLife. We will have a wall allowing your thoughts of what is it that you are thankful for (in coordination of the theme what are you thankful for?) and more. Just remember its semi-formal attire and 2 cans for admission.  

This food drive is in conjunction with Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs to be donated to 14 Brooklyn food pantries that had been impacted by the extraordinary demand triggered by the recession.

What does that translate to? You giving and receiving all in one night!

1 comment:

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